Hey sweet friend! This is your invitation for breakthrough 1-on-1 coaching while we talk on the phone and walk together 💛 Scroll down to learn more about The Walk Bundle & how it can help you love up on your health in a fun, sustainable, guilt-free way!!

Life is a lot like playing tennis…


Sometimes it takes everything you got just to get that dang ball over the net. Other times, it feels fun and effortless.


If you desire to feel seen, supported, equipped, and more than enough through it all – The Walk Bundle is here for you.


truth be told

You shouldn't have to feel alone in your health

You’re the one who always prioritizes others and their needs, but now it’s your turn. You deserve to feel good in your own skin, to enjoy food without guilt or shame, and to have the energy to do what you love.

What's included in the walk bundle

 Working one-on-one with me means getting a friend, coach, and self-love warrior who will make sure that each step of your fitness and nutrition journey is designed uniquely for your success.


3 “Walkie Talkies” where we have a coaching call over the phone while going for an uplifting + empowering walk together (each walk is about 30-60 minutes)


Personalized fitness, nutrition, and/or self-love coaching


Accountability and support from me in between each walk (I’m in the trenches with you. From here on out, we’re in this together!)


An initial consult call via Zoom or phone — which ever your prefer! 

This is a time for you to ask the questions on your heart and for me to learn more about you so I can curate a coaching experience designed uniquely for you, your lifestyle, and your goals.


I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, helpless, and defeated. To feel like no matter what you do, things will never change. So why would this time be any different? Because this time, you have me — your coach, cheerleader, and a friend who always, always puts you first.

I won’t let you fail.

Together, we’ll create a health plan that feels fun, fits your lifestyle, and empowers you in exciting new ways. You won’t just feel good from the inside out — you will fall in love with your life. That’s my promise to you.
With love + light, Madison
Your feel good fitness & nutrition coach!

Are you ready to walk it out?


Currently $250 for the month of May
Price increases to $275 in June!